uv紫外线老化试验箱 TK-ZW

uv紫外线老化试验箱 TK-ZW


设备特点: 长崎TK-ZW系列uv紫外线老化试验箱可模拟太阳光中的紫外线部分,可极好地模拟太阳光中的短波紫外光,即从365纳米到太阳光截止点295纳米的波长范围。特别适用于测试不同种类聚合物和稳定剂之间的性能差异。







Purpose: the ultraviolet radiation is the main cause for the breakdown of all the products material exposed in the sun The TK-ZW series UV aging test machine can simulate the short wave ultraviolet light in the sunlight. Namely the range of wavelengths from 365 to 295 nanometer. Especially suitable for the text of performance gap between polymer and stabilizer In just a few days or weeks, months or even years of aging and damage due to the ultraviolet radiation can be vividly reflected. The results of the sample text provide a scientific basis for the products quality improvement.








1、Humidity impersonation function allows you to forge a real outdoor wet corrosion condition. because under most outdoor situations, the products may be in moist for 12 hours or more. Study has shown that this outdoor moist situation is caused by the dew, rather than the rain. The unique humidifier could help maintain a 100%relative humidity condition in the text box, which could make the stem consistently condense on the samples So as to create the outdoor wet corrosion.Vividly reflected all the situation of all the samples that s how we gonna get the most updated and real test results.

2、Heat shock resistance and stress simulation On some situations Like under the sunlight. When the gathered heat rapidly fade away due to the sudden rain, material temperature will declare sharply. which gonna lead to thermal shock. It would be a challenge for most materials. This machine adopts German “Siemens”PLC controller. It can automatically or manually programming simulation of thermal shock and stress corrosion condition.

3、Two different UV lamps for choose on different text conditions The nva-340 tube and NUV-313 tube(PS: NVA-340 could simulate the short wave ultraviolet light namely the range of wavelengths from 3 65 nanometer to 295 nanometer.expecially suitable for the text of performance gap between polymer and stabilizer. UVB-313 tube mainly focus on the quality control and research development or the text for the high weather ability material.






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